How to record Game Footage on the PS4

Recording Footage from PS4

1. Hold down the Share button on your PlayStation 4 controller to open the Share menu.
2. Choose how long the PlayStation 4 will record. The default time is 15 minutes.
3. Select the game you want to play.
4. Start playing a game, you can start a new recording by using the Share button.
5. Hold down the Share button to access the Share menu. From there, select Save Video Clip, or hit the Square button.

Start a new recording

1. Press the Share button twice to begin recording, you can stop the recording at any time by double-pressing the Share button again.
2. When the recording is complete, your clip will be saved in the “Capture Gallery” folder on your PlayStation 4’s home screen.

Trim your clip
1. The “Trim” option is available in the Capture Gallery, highlight your video, and push the Options button.
2. From here you can edit the clip and reduce the length.

Share your video
1. Connect you PlayStation to your social media or YouTube account.
2. Select the video you wish to upload from your capture gallery and select share.
3. Select the platform you wish to upload to and follow the on-screen process to upload the video.
4. Once you have uploaded the video to one of your social media platforms you can download it and upload it to our website.

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