How to record Footage on the iPhone

Recording Footage on the iPhone

To enable screen recording, you first need to make sure the feature is activated within the Control Centre:

1. Open Settings and tap Control Centre > Customise Controls.
2. The top list shows what's included. Assuming 'Screen Recording' is not there, find it in the bottom list and tap the + button beside it.

Now you can start a recording any time you like.

1. Bring up Control Centre (swipe down from the top-right of the screen on an X-series iPhone, or from the bottom on an iPhone with a Home button).
2. The Screen Recording icon is a circle with a dot inside it. Tap this to start recording.
3. Following a three-second countdown, everything on the screen will be recorded.
4. While you're recording, there will be a red bar at the top of the screen, or a red blob around the time in the status bar.
5. When you've finished, tap on the red bar or blob, and confirm to stop recording. If that doesn't register, bring up Control Centre and press the record button again.
6. Your screen recording video will be saved in Photos where you can access and edit it if you wish.
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