How to upload Game Footage from your Xbox to PC

Uploading Footage from your Xbox to PC

Uploading footage to OneDrive
1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
2. Press the View button to open the capture menu.
3. Select Manage Captures.
4. This will bring up your capture’s library.
5. Users should then select individual videos or multiple videos by opening the selection menu (Shown by a tick in the box)
6. Once the user has selected the video or videos, they wish to upload they should select upload to OneDrive.
7. This will then upload the videos you have selected.
8. Once the videos are uploaded you need to login into OneDrive using your Xbox live account login details. 
9. Once you have logged in you will need to wait for OneDrive to sync with your account.
10. Once it has synced you can upload videos from your OneDrive folder directly to Glitch.

Uploading footage from External Hard Drive
Your settings must be set to save content to your hard drive and your hard drive must be plugged into to record content to it. To configure your captures to save to your hard drive go the settings section on your Xbox and then go to Broadcast & Captures. Your hard drive must be plugged in and meet the requirements.
1. Connect your external hard drive to your PC.
2. Then either move your videos to your PC or upload directly to Glitch.

Recording Footage on the PC through the Windows XBOX App
1. Login into the Xbox windows application on your PC (If you do not have account create one)
2. Press the Windows + G keys to open the game bar.
3. A pop-up may appear asking if this is a game. Simply select Yes this is a game.
4. Once selected a new popup will appear from here you can either select the Record Now button which will begin recording from that point. Once you wish to stop recording press Windows + G and select the stop recording option.
5. Alternatively, you can select Record that to record the previous footage (You will need to open the settings to define the length that record that is set to. To open the settings press Windows + G keys and select settings. Then go to game DVR settings and select a record that length)
6. You can view and upload your captures from the specified folder where your videos will be saved. To view the videos, press the Windows + G keys to open the menu and select the folder icon.

Alternatively, you can purchase screen recording software which would include more specialized features.

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